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Chris Nicholls Motors

Chris Nicholls Motors

Chris Nicholls founded the company in 1999 after working with Ford for 17 years in the new car industry. The plan was to treat customers purchasing previously owned cars the same as if they were purchasing a new car.

First and foremost to this was customer service and outstanding aftersales. Not being tied to one manufacturer enables us to sell and locate any model of car, we can also be first reacting to market trends i.e. obtaining the latest models when they have become super value for money when compared to the cost when new.

Currently, the biggest shift in favour of the customer is with EV cars they are now very comparable if not better than fossil fuel cars in terms of value.

There are several reasons for this one was Tesla reducing prices but the biggest is stock availability we are able to source cars quickly and at the new lower prices.

We currently have two dealerships located in Helston and Penzance.

With after sales being as if not more important than the sale of a car we have full workshop facilities and a fleet of courtesy cars which are free of charge to our customers.
Customers come first, it's what we do.