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SW Commercials

SW Commercials

At SW Commercials, we believe in the power that electric vehicles have to cause change in the world – cutting emissions will allow us to make a big step in the fight against climate change – hoping to keep maintaining our own and many different species habitats how it should be.

Commercial vehicles for businesses cause a lot of greenhouse gas emissions, which is why at SW Commercials, we have partnered with MAXUS, becoming a dealer of their electric vehicle range including vans, pickup trucks and multi-purpose vehicles. If businesses used MAXUS electric vehicles on a wider scale, we could eliminate a massive factor of emissions in diesel and petrol from frequent long-distance journeys in vehicles powered by fossil fuels.

SW Commercials are eager to take steps in the right direction to move toward a cleaner planet, but we also care for businesses and making sure vehicles supplied by us are always of the highest standard to ensure that our customers can thrive in their vehicles – MAXUS fit exactly that criterion. MAXUS vehicles feature modern and functional designs, produced with the consumer in mind, providing only the best performance from the vehicles.

SW Commercials are also passionate about minimising downtime and maximising productivity for our customers; therefore, we are well renowned for our outstanding service department full of knowledgeable technicians – allowing you to rest assured knowing your vehicle is looked after – reaping the rewards in terms of business productivity but also contributing to a cleaner planet.